Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Merdeka ?

Malaysia celebrates her independence day every year on 31st August. Technically it's not the independence day of Malaysia, but rather to commemorate the establishment (also independence) of Tanah Melayu in 1957 from the colonisation of British Empire. Malaysia was officially announced on the 16th September 1963, about 6 years later. Just some kind of historical facts as intro.

For the past 20 years, my heart is already attached and bonded tightly to this motherland. I was born here, I was raised here, and maybe forever till the last of my breathe, I will always be here.  From my point of view, to some extent, I feel like doing something to change a certain thing in Malaysia. If not a big thing, a small thing can surely be satisfying if I were able to change it. Malaysia has turned into a great country, but somehow I feel like something is missing here. It sure does feel like home to me. As time goes by, entering some kind of different world and learning to be a more mature person, I realized there's always a major development that can be implemented to improve the life of people in this country. And to that, I thank my experiences living abroad.

For someone who had lived in a different country and experienced a totally opposite culture, the process of assimilating and adapting to that foreign culture has changed my way of thinking. The structure on how we see things has gone from raw and wild to details and facts. When something comes up, we no longer analyze it from only one point of view. Everything counts, and developing two perceptual lenses both from the origin of the people and the new environment, I can definitely say we are able to come up with a foremost suitable and effective way in tackling issues and problems. As an analogy, take a ball for an instance. Watching the ball from only one side, we'll surely come up with an assumption that a ball is a circle, but looking at the ball from multiple perspectives, we obtain the full view of the situation that a ball is not really a circle but a sphere by nature.

When I went back to Malaysia, I admit there are a few things that I'm disgusted of. As a matter of fact, the social mannerism and persuasive custom of people living in Malaysia have quite a major flaw, to a level that they're not only induced the moral down-gradation of the citizens but also hindering the development and advancement of this country, including social, politics, foreign and international relationships as well as the field of science and technology.

Malaysia is a multiracial country. Of course, living in different cultures, religions and customs have developed some kind of habits in us, Malaysian. But virally, these habits reflect the loss of intelligence in us, in a way that it's not fully vanished or dematerialized, but more of our own ignorance for following and adopting this sort of  'belief' into our life's principles. Recently, published by Reader's Digest, Malaysia ranked top 3 in the rudeness level out of 35 countries participating. This article mirrors how absurd we are, that rudeness has become a part of our culture and begins to nurture in our children, who supposedly to be the leader of this country for generations to come.

Quoting Malay Mail, "Poor toilet etiquette, talking loudly on phones even in cinemas, littering in cinemas, being late for appointments, not saying “thank you” or “sorry”, and leaving trolleys in parking lots are just a few more examples of the numerous bad habits that Malaysians continue to practise shamelessly." My own experience driving in KL proved me right. Sometimes, it drives me crazy to an extent I want to slam cars from behind. Would it hurt to give signal when you want to switch lane or turn into a corner? I ever wonder how this kind of mentality has already become our flesh and blood, to a point that it has no cure?

And politics, I believe I don't to have to explain this. Seeing political leaders fighting over useless issues rather than showing their affliction and concern for the citizens is like watching a comedy show on Star World. It's so surreal yet comical how these people - a person I know refers them as a bunch of useless thugs - only care for themselves, projecting a common scenario in which money, rank and fame overthrow courtesy, responsibility and modesty. Act of chivalry is not honoured here. In fact, do these people know what 'chivalry' means?

Malaysia claims her as an Islamic Country. Not so long ago, during the BTN (Biro Tatanegara ) Camp, I was told in the constitution, Malaysia is not an Islamic Country, but Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. There is a thin line between Islam being the official religion and the title 'Islamic Country'. So I didn't really bothered during that time. But as political leaders keep spurting out this claim, most people believe that Malaysia is an Islamic Country, though I knew Malaysia is really active at an international level, by joining OIC and well-respected by other Muslim countries. But the thing is, the most basic question, where is the 'Islam'? And the rest is unwritten, because there's no need for more explanation when things are already crystal-clear.

I desire change. I desire happy faces. I desire a place where my kids can live without fear and spreading good and love is what people do. Malaysia has been a warm place that has sheltered many people from rain and sun, and from poverty and hunger. We have lived a peaceful 55 years, but classical approach is no longer applicable. One ringgit in the 1980 is not the same as one ringgit in 2012. One ringgit is still one ringgit, but the value is totally different, deep to the core. Honestly, comparing Canada and Malaysia, I believe Malaysia has more potential to grow and shine brighter, but we need sustenance, we need training, we need brilliant minds. To those who have seen and experienced what I'm talking about, I believe we have the same vision and mission. A change, step by step, is what we admire. A simple change is what we need. Albeit, we are slowly changing, we need something to spark more interests in people. Thing begins at individual level, until it grows as a culture.

Most people will only nod in agreement. You'll see a lot of hostile reactions when it comes to modern struggles. Because people are so fanatic and paranoid, something that is so senseless and arbitrary can become a huge impact to these soulless people. At heart and, at mind. 

I know I post this a lil bit early, but I have final exam cramping up next week, so I just post it a few days earlier.

Selamat Hari Merdeka !

p/s: Merdeka? Merdeka yang macam mana?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Life: Raya

The first and second day of Raya were hectic as ever. Iwan and Jaja couldn't join us since they celebrated raya in Phnum Penh (Iwan) and in Melbourne (Jaja).

But this year, it's quite surprising when everyone decided to celebrate Eid here. Pak Jang and family just got back from Sydney, Along Shida and Abang Kam were here since last year they greeted Eid in New York. Pak Long Abi, Cik Wa and Pak Cu Tony also 'turun padang' from Taiping. It's almost full house today with Cik Etty, Cik Ena, Cik Eda, Cik Elin and Acu came to visit us before heading back to Ipoh. Despite not getting much packets of duit raya this year, the atmosphere, the spirit of raya is still there.

Kecoh. Couldn't deny more.

And one thing that will always resurface every year, who's going to get married this/next year?

Just korek info from Mak Long. Along (Abang Long, sebab banyak sangat cousin, lepas tu semua nak panggil Along) just got engaged and insyaAllah next year he'll get married. Well, it's a shocking news since Along is just a year older than me, and still studying medicine in Russia, tup tap tup tap, nak kahwin dah. Rasanya pilihan hati budak medicine Russia jugak kot.

Got to know that I have more little cousins. Aish, belum anak sedara lagi. Cousins je dah ramai. Semua pulak kecil-kecil jer. Dukung sorang pun dah boleh kata aku ni bapak orang. This is one of them, Ryan.

Raya this year wasn't that bad. Last year, it was more happening with people, foods, laughter and gossips. Nevertheless, raya is still raya. No one celebrate raya with a sad face. Semalam penat berjalan, tak sempat nak beraya kampung Abah sebab penat sangat, but surely they will visit our house before heading back home. Hari ni, penat layan tetamu. Kalau sekali raya sepuluh family datang, susah jugak. Qibo and Kapit pun datang singgah dari Raub raya rumah and rumah Acap sekali.

So, lastly nak buat pantun raya. Irfan asyik komen kata pantun raya aku takde rhyme jer. Malas je sebenarnya nak buat pantun-pantun ni. Pantun dua kerat takde rhyme pun dah cukup. Kelakar (kot) and mesej sampai.

Tangisan iman ramadhan berlalu
Takbir bergema kian syahdu
Aidilfitri datang dengan berlagu
Saling bermaafan memohon restu

Ziarah teman sanak saudara
Ukhuwah dijalin terjabat mesra
Syawal tiba disambut gembira
Hati terbuka wajah ceria

Anak di rantauan berduka jangan
Doa dipohon dalam ingatan
Raya disambut dengan senyuman
Berkat tuhan untuk insan

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin !

p/s: tahun ni tak dapat beraya bersama anak dan isteri :P

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Untitled #4

Dari saat senja menyanyi
hingga tiba fajar sunyi
bisa manusia itu lupa
bisa manusia itu leka

Sembam ke tanah duniawi disembah
serakahnya raja tanpa kawalan
hujan meraih simpati insan
kosong jiwa kembali ke jalan

Corak warna jadi hitam
jalannya mabuk tenggelam suram
kumat kamit tangan ditadah
saat jiwa pecah dan punah

taut hati pada iman
bukan pada perasaan

Life: Forgetful

Secrets in life are always the same. While we drove ourselves through the alley streets and crowded people, we were told to never forget who we are and where we belong. With each passing day, with each concurrent footstep, as we slipped through difficulties, drenched and exhausted, we were reminded that God is always there for us.

In search of meaning, alone and alienated, we have to find the answer to remove our doubt. As such, we were told, uncertainty is the beginning of a journey. Curiosity induces courage. And to those who walk beside us, if we find any, love them unconditionally.

Indeed, life is like a wheel. Albeit knowing all these, we still get hurt and beaten. We are estranged from things and people we love, we suffer internal struggle. All days seem gloomy, and all these unseen burdens feel too heavy on our shoulder, we sense it too unbearable for us to handle.

Our heart beats fast like a drum roll, shouts loudly like a war cry and hurts badly after a restless night.

And the question is why?

Because we are forgetful.

Too many people touch our heart, but too many people leave without a trace. After some period of time, we can no longer remember their faces. And we were told to move on.

Too many events happened in our lives, but too many events, we almost couldn't afford to remember clearly every single detail of them.

Too many emotions we feel, but these too emotions, we often confused about how we actually feel, and sadly we choose to forget some.

While we try to seek that lost memories back, we found nothing. Only a blur image spurted out of our mind.

At some point, we choose not to remember. As a way to fall back, not to mingle again with worthless fight of emotions, avoiding self-inflicted internal damage.

As time heals almost anything, time also deleted some of our past.

People, events and emotions.

We try to remember but

We, clearly forget.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vid: Strangers

Sorry but this is not about 'lovey-dovey' thingy. This is, erm, hurm, manly tears?

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