Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Lights

All the million lights
All the little lights
Come from million of years
And shine in your sight
When moon fades through the night
I hear love out of cage
Utter by the mighty old sage
Dear distant one
You’ve thrown me a back
Pulse encircles
My heart beats become lyrical


It’s helpless if people only seek beauty. But is it norm to be attracted to beautiful things? I found beauty in exquisite form, that the way the wind breezing in during hot day, or when water gushes out and pours directly onto your head that it clears away any thoughts, much or less that it gives that feel of serenity or tranquillity. Even for a moment, for me that is beauty.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hey !


Waddup ! It's been a while since I last updated this blog. This will be the last week for my internship with SP Setia. Exactly five days more.

Then, I will have my nap time back. Haha.

Right, my internship experience is not too shabby, interesting I'd say. There are lots of things you can learn being in a construction site. You mingle with people, especially those construction workers from Bangladesh and Indonesia mostly.

I guess I learn a lot about living a life. Quite hard to explain it to people, but I'll try but not right now. Maybe some other time, in case I still remember. Or do remind me.

Since this will be the last week, InsyaAllah this blog will be updated as frequently as possible whenever I have the time. I have plenty actually. Being a final year student, my timetable is quite open. Three days of classes and labs. Probably spend a little bit of my time doing research for FYP (Final Year Project).

What else? I'm doing great. Not sick, no heartache (although sometimes it just hit me unnoticed), my bank account still have enough for me not to stuff on instant noodles everyday, have a new people joining our family (my brother got married earlier this month), and yeah, you can see fats deposited on my stomach. That tells me to start jogging around the lake near my house once I finish my internship. 

Just a quick update. I'll write some more.

Good day :)
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