Monday, October 31, 2011

Life: Exam Rush

My days are getting busy lately..

The first month of school was a ride in heaven. No homework, no assignment, no exam, only a couple of quizzes. Oh wait, there were a few assignments but fortunately the answers were already given in class.

And last week, we got a few days off. So I just spent my free time like usual. Doing nothing. Played back a few movies I recently watched, and caught my self being obsess with How I Met Your Mother. Season seven
people !!

Life goes on, time runs fast.

Suddenly, a bundle of work piled up for you. Falling out of nowhere. What's frustrating the most, you got them when you are cramped with exams. I'm used to it by the way, but we are students.

When you got tonnes of assignments, the spirit comes first. Then, procrastination takes over. At the eleventh hour, you've got all of your hormones rush from head to toe. Well, that's what being a student is all about. I mean engineering students. Haha. No offense.

So no further update for this week. Maybe just one wordless wednesday post. For those who have exams and quizzes coming up this week, I wish you all good luck and all the best.

Everyone wants a good grade, but nobody wants to study - Bryan Rundi

One done, countless to go :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life: The Culture of Us and Them


Apa yang kekurangan dalam adat orang Malaysia, as a whole, ialah sifat ukhuwah. When we were kids, we were taught to always be kind to others, as well as expressing gratitude to people who help us.

In this modern day, people only think about themselves. There is no sense of caring, loving, not even respect to other people. To think this is norm, I would say the so-called-civilized western people at least still hold tightly to this essence while we're still blaming them for whatever nonsense reason.

True, there are pro and cons if we take example from them. But look at ourselves. When we are in great trouble, we run here and there asking for help. And when we are free from those calamities we are facing, we just 'poof'. Disappear. And we only utter the word 'thank you' to those we ask for help.

From Ali Hadad ( Indiana University, USA ). Telah di rephrase kan untuk pemahaman yang lebih mendalam.

Diorang walaupun pentingkan diri tapi diorang punya ukhuwah sangat mantap. Eh? Diorang ada ukhuwah? Ya. Diorang ada ukhuwah kemanusiaan yang sangat mantap tapi bukan ukhuwah islamiyyah. Kenapa ana cakap macam tu? Sebab setiap kali diorang lepas lalu pintu, diorang akan check dekat belakang diorang. Kalau ada orang berdekatan, diorang akan tahan pintu tu sehingga orang dekat belakang diorang tu sampai. Bila diorang buat macam tu kat ana, ana rasa segan sangat sebab ana tak penah buat macam tu dekat diorang.

Dengan rasa serba salah dan terhutang budi, ana buat la dekat diorang balik. Tolong tahan pintu sehinggalah mana-mana orang dekat belakang tu sampai. Kebetulan orang tu orang Amerika (of course la kan, takkan orang Melayu pulak kot), dia balas balik dengan cakap “thank you”. Bila ana dengar tu, rasa dihargai. Ana sekali lagi terasa terhutang budi lagi sebab sebelum ni diorang buat kat ana and ana tak cakap thank you pun. Lepas tu, bila sekali lagi diorang tolong tahan pintu, ana cakap terima kasih. Diorang balas balik dengan “no problem”. Ana sekali lagi rasa geram sebab ana tak balas diorang punya terima kasih dulu. Aduhai..

So, Apa ibrahnya? Ibrah tu maksudnya pengajaran. Ada satu pengajaran yang sangat besar yang ana dapat kat sini. Kita selalu dapat dapat nikmat dari Allah. Setiap nafas, kita dapat oxigen. Setiap hari kita dapat bangun dari tidur. Setiap waktu, kita dapat menunaikan solat dan dapat rasa nikmat Iman dan Islam. Setiap detik kita dapat melihat wajah-wajah yang kita sayang, dapat tengok keindahan alam, dapat tengok musim luruh. Pointnya ialah, kita dapat nikmat banyak-banyak ni, berapa kali kita ucap tahmid (Alhamdulillah) kepada Allah? Korang tahu tak yang Allah setiap saat tunggu kita (puji / ucap terima kasih) kat Dia?


Actually there are more to that. But just saying, practise this in our daily lives to express positive attitude to others. Whether they are actually helping you or just doing their jobs.

Say thanks to the bus driver, say thanks to makcik jual makanan, say thanks to people that hold the door for you, say thanks for your group mates for their hard work and smile back to others that smile to you. Even better, smile to everyone.

Semua itu mungkin dapat menyelamatkan satu jiwa

sudutkiri: Lama gila kepam entri ni. Tak sempat nak ulas panjang-panjang. And from Ali Hadad's story, I've experienced that eventually. From that moment, I live my life by my new principles. I hope Malaysians can be like them too. Someday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #3

Ain't that sweet?

sudutkiri: Happy Birthday Khairul Amira !! Sister from another parent. Wish you the best in life, and of course Love Life too :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vid: Criminal Penguins

Aku geram bila tengok video ni. Comel gila penguin tu.

Shared from blogserius

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Song: When We Stand Together

We must stand together

That's when we all win

Btw, you gotta love Nickelback

Life: Stir and Sugar

Aside from wanting to become an engineer, my love of kitchen and balcony and great feeling of seeing places of wonder, another favourite of mine would be cooking. I am still not good at it but at least I can cook a few dishes.

I got interested in cooking since I was in elementary school. I used to follow my mum to market every sunday morning, and always watched her cook in the kitchen. Maybe that's why I love hanging out, sipping my coffee in the kitchen. And if I were never wanted to be an engineer, culinary was one of my options.

But the thing is, from that very moment, I've always and will always be fond of cooking. If there is nothing to watch on tv, I would turn on the Asian Food Channel. I enjoy watching Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, my chef idol is Jamie Oliver and I always wanted to try Martha Stewart's desserts.

Actually, it'll be embarrassing to try cooking at home. From people's point of view, maybe that's not a bad thing. My family wouldn't mind at all but I haven't got the courage to cook my family a dinner. That's why I only cook at midnight when all of them are sound asleep.

Then I got my very first chance to try new things, new recipes when I was in Canada. Well, most of them are western cuisine since I can easily get the ingredients. And I already master pasta dishes. Oh yeah, that's one damn achievement.

And dessert, that's one thing that can make me happy. Since I am too lazy to find the recipe, and get my ass off in front of the laptop, I never actually tried making a dessert. Except hotcakes and brownies. Well those two are easy to make. Hence, they don't count.

Now, I'm in a place that doesn't allow cooking. I miss my smile when I cook. Getting you hand reaching for sugar, salts and pepper, stir fried them (of course with other ingredients) in hot cooking pan, it's an awesome feeling.

And my bad if this sounds confusing, a man who knows how to cook, he is damn sexy.

Cook with kindness because it bring joys to the food and the people

sudutkiri: Maaf sebab lately asyik nak tulis post dalam b.i jer. Huhu..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Poetry: La Ville-Lumière

The solo cellist strings a romance filled harmony,
With a guitar on a shoulder sits the man on the street
And let the envious summer moon loom yonder
While Eiffel stands, between where two lovers sit

Scattered stars shimmer like Van Gogh's painting
Midnight coffee sweet talks of company
Hand in hand walks silhouettes
Of unknown strangers dancing like marionettes

Night is young, and long past twelve
La Ville-Lumière enlightens away
For a lonesome one, hopelessly gazing
A yearning heart, seeking amour
Finds poised in solitude and sighs blissfully

Credit to Syafiqah

Life: Morning Alarm Clock


Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the sound of birds chirping?

Oh yeah, I do. A lot. I got my new alarm clock that wakes me up every morning. Usually, I set my alarm clock at 6.15 for fajr prayer. Tapi biasa lah kan, kadang-kadang tu kita ni tidur mati. Apa-apa pun tak sedar.

But at times like that, I always wake up due to the birds chirping sound. I live on the 3rd floor and outside my room there is a big three grew up to the 4th floor. You can see budding red flowers and a few bird nests. It isn't that much of a beauty, but every morning when you look out of the window, it's quite a beautiful scenery.

Have you ever heard of

Start the day with something sweet and end it with something sweeter

Just so you know, waking up to bird's sound everyday is something sweet. The next thing you gotta to do, find something sweeter to end it.

Ah, cheesecake and coffee would do...

sudutkiri: Salam hari Jumaat :)

Vid: Sayonara Jahiliyyah

It made very clear the message they want to convey.

Who doesn't like a cute and creative video?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Ask yourself. Do you look on the outside or the inside?

sudutkiri: Actually aku ada tulis a few posts, tapi tak kesampaian pulak nak tekan butang "publish" tu. Entry-entry tu pun tinggal nak buat conclusion je. InsyaAllah dalam masa terdekat ni. Lagi pun sekarang dah nak mid terms. Till then...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

Self-explanatory. Oh well, that's the whole point of making a wordless wednesday post.

Turn Back The Pendulum 3

2010 - Currently 19 years old

Current place : Toronto, Canada

It's October already. This time of the year reminds me of something. My first maple leaf. There is a saying, when you first set your foot in Canada, the first thing you have to do is to get yourself a maple leaf. A red one, just like in the flag.

There were maple trees in front of Mining Building, University of Toronto. A usual route that I took whenever I went to class or heading back home. As I walked past them day by day, those leaves were turning yellow and finally red at the end of autumn, falling down as a sign of winter was approaching.

There I got my first maple leaf. It was mid October. Getting yourself a maple leaf doesn't mean anything actually. But for me, it kinda signifies something. Of which I don't really know. But I really treasured that leaf that I picked up on my way home until it withered. And I'm gonna miss those moments.

Cold strong winds, the smell of autumn is just awesome. Light sweater, a pair of sneakers, and of course, hotdog jumbo size. Too bad I won't experience it anymore. Well, for the time being. I got another plan for next year. Oh yeah, I'll always have a plan. In conclusion, I'm gonna miss this phrase

Terima Kasih Daun Maple

Oh, and French Vanilla too...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vid: How To Live Your Life?

I posted this once in sudutkiri. And I think I should post it here too. This video inspires me in a lot of aspects. And that's why I think I should share it again with you guys.

Everybody needs a daily reminder

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Song: Falling Slowly

This song is one of my favourites. It was written and sung by Glen Hansard ( The Frames ) and Marketa Irglova. Enjoice !!

sudutkiri: Someone asked me about Turn Back The Pendulum. Actually I intend to tell my past under that title. Turn Back The Pendulum series ( I don't know until what post I'll be written this series ) will consist of my past from I was 5 till now.

I'll try to think of a interesting story with meaningful lessons for every Turn Back The Pendulum post. And one more thing, it's a true story about me. That title name was inspired by Turn Back The Pendulum arc of a manga. You'll know if you read Bleach. Happy saturday night !!!
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