Thursday, November 29, 2012

Untitled #8

Juno, 2007

I used to, trying real hard. I still do now and the only difference between now and the past is I actually enjoy what I'm doing. Life gets pretty messy sometimes, but it will untangle itself somehow, sort of. I joined a volunteer group to fill my weekend with something to do. Had dinner casually with old friends. On weekdays, burning the midnight oil studying, well most of the time I stayed up late to finish my reports and assignments.

Wandering in a car at midnight and stumbled on people fighting on the street, search for great food and restaurant all over the town. I have plenty. I already feel cool about myself.

Next? Internship experience, hopefully. Gamuda or UEM Builders, and maybe abroad. 

Grateful? More than ever, because I have plenty. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random And Radical Boredom #23

Do you think that, in order for Malaysian to become a more civilized, well-mannered person, we actually need to disregard some of our own traditional customs?

Maybe, in a way, the tradition that has long lives inside us, moulding and shaping us Malaysian into an obnoxious person.

Modernity and custom can blend in together, but after witnessing an unpleasant scene among Malaysians, perhaps, we should think about it. It is not worth keeping something that will just makes us a worse human being than should we ever be.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Untitled #7

I'm actually reluctant to write about Gaza. Writing something that you don't have the full knowledge of and understanding is not really my style and I could have given a false alarm to others if I were to write about it. The outside world is at the edge of oblivion about Palestine.

Media press can't be trusted. I mean, what they published is not always covered the real situation about Israeli's occupation of Gaza because there is usually a twist when it comes to Palestinian territories. Thus, feeling ashamed, I could only be in solidarity with them and sent my prayer from afar. And Alhamdulillah, a ceasefire agreement has been signed from both sides with the mediation by the Egypt. Hopefully, our prayer doesn't stop here. And may Allah granted jannah to those who died, and strengthen their imaan and will to survive, to protect lives of their beloved people and to obtain peace and independence of their homeland.



Allahu Al-Musta'an

p/s: wide awake because I've Structural Steel Design test tomorrow. Though it's an open book test, you can never sit still or be satisfied when you need 3 books (EC3 Part 1-1, General Matter, and Design Worked Example) just to answer one steel design question. May the odd be ever in my favour :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maal Hijrah

I have few things to talk about regarding Maal Hijrah. But since I don't have enough evidence to support my argument, I don't think I can write about it.

But maybe exposing some of the important points is acceptable.

Regarding the du'a. Du'a akhir tahun and du'a awal tahun. People would recite the suratul Yassin and dua akhir tahun after Asr, then Yassin again along with the dua awal tahun after Maghrib prayer.

In Canada, most likely Muslims don't really bother with these specific ibadah during Awal Muharram. People will just celebrate the fact that it is a brand new year for Muslims. I thought to myself, maybe these ibadahs are just another creation (bid'ah) like any other ibadahs Malay people do. So I googled about it and I was right. There is no solid proof that reciting dua awal tahun and dua akhir tahun is a sunnah from Prophet Muhammad. So, I read a few articles discussing about this thing.

The ibadah is generally acceptable due to its benefit of reminding you of Allah and Rasulullah. But the fact the ibadah is equipped with 'false benefit' such as 

'Barangsiapa membacanya syaitan akan berkata: Kami telah penat letih bersamanya sepanjang tahun, tetapi dia (pembaca doa berkenaan) merusak amalan kami dalam masa sesaat (dengan membaca doa tersebut).”

is likely making a false accusation in Islam and to Rasullulah by upholding a mere disreputable principle. Like I mentioned it before, the ibadah is acceptable but if people take lightly of this matter and accept and believe what they read without proper consent and research, things go haywire. And syaria law regarding this matter may change from 'harus' to 'makruh' or even 'haraam'.

Well, what I just wrote is not a brief explanation of this Awal Muharram's practice. I'm sure you can find a more thorough explanation with Quranic evidence and hadith about Maal Hijrah ibadah or ask people who have the a wider knowledge of this affair.

For me, Muharram is the first month in Muslim calendar, a mark for the starting of Hijrah year in Islamic history. When it is called Hijrah, the meaning of Hijrah itself is sufficient enough for us to ponder upon day and night. But still, that doesn't mean we can't make du'a. After all, du'a is the weapon of a Mukmin. 

Happy Maal Hijrah / Awal Muharram 

Friday, November 2, 2012

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