Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vid: Utopia Milik Siapa ?

30 minutes video that is worth watching. Esok cuti ! Yay ! Sabtu kerja balik ! Yay !

Monday, January 28, 2013

Untitled #11

Sorry, I can't update anything at the moment. I was occupied with works since I have to work 6 days a week. I got only one day off, which is on Sunday.

And on Sunday, well you know, most probably what I do is sleeping or resting. Thus, less and less time is spent on blogging.

The earliest I can update is during chinese new year since I will have a week holidays. Yay ! Thanks Encik Boss, but then, the bad news is I can't get a leave till the end of April. We need to finish the project by June, so everyone will need to get job done, working 6 days a week, from 8 to 5.

So, I will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks, or probably posting a song or video can make up for that. So, good day mate !

p/s: Mood hati berbunga-bunga. InsyaAllah, benda baik Allah permudahkan. Strive for the next 4 years ! Amin.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zura Rahman Senget

Happy birthday kak long ! Semoga senget and sengal selalu. Haha. Sebab kan lama dah tak jumpa akak aku yang sorang ni, saja-saja buat post pasal dia.

Orang suruh kahwin bilalah nak kahwin nya. Anyway, happy birthday. May Allah bless you, selamat itu dan ini, and dipermudahkan segala urusan. Amin !

Kalau nak hadiah sila tuntut lain kali. Siapa suruh tak datang KL. And tak nak bagi dress dah. Trauma. And segan. Hue hue. Bila nak kahwin? Bila nak kahwin? Lepas tu, tolonglah jangan main emoticon kalau tengah chat !

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Untitled #10

Kekeringan idea nak post apa. #Listen is going viral, so I believe everyone is aware about the issue. I don't want to comment anything on it because we can see clearly,

Respect must be earned

Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat? I was so sleepy because I didn't sleep at all the other day, so I slept all day long during Saturday. Just read Malaysiakini, they made quite a good review on HKR.

Final Exam? Yay, tomorrow is the last day. Setakat ni paper Hydraulic yang memang killer, paper Steel Structure pun tak sesusah Hydraulic. Steel boleh goreng lagi, dapat Hydraulic, aku tongkat dagu jawab exam. Nak maintain result !

21st of January will be my first day of internship with Brunsfield. Kenny Hill Residence in Bukit Tunku will be my project site. Okay, tak lah jauh mana. Kalau kena ceruk Ara Damansara naya jugak. But still balik kerja sah-sah lah traffic jam. Excited maybe, but I'm kinda disappointed since I'll be on break only for 4 days. Baru nak relax lama-lama sikit, dah kerja Isnin. Dah lah 6 hari seminggu pulak tu. Berusaha !

18 19 20, off to Taman Negara. Tengok hutan sikit, asyik-asyik tengok bangunan konkrit jer. Looking forward to it, just I still want to relax a bit. Nak qada tidur satu sem ni.

Sakit. Batuk.

And that's it. Malas nak fikir idea apa nak tulis sebenarnya. Nak merehatkan diri dari blog sementara. Main klik-klik reblog tumblr macam lagi seronok.

Anyway, to those who still have papers to take, teruskan berusaha ! And to everyone else, just enjoy this good life.

Bubbye ! (Okay, gedik)

Song: Thrift Shop

This is freaking awesome. Saje post release tension lepas habis paper yang aku tak tahu lah nak gelak ke, sedih ke, merenung jauh pun tak guna. Dah habis, so esok last paper ! Yay ! Cool medley.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Song: Things We Don't Say

Suka suka suka. And suka lagu 'Angkasa', 'White Lines', 'You', 'Happy', 'Remember', 'Entitled' and lagu lain jugak. Ceh, aku dah senaraikan kot semua lagu dia. Okay, post gedik. Diandra Arjunaidi :)


More than meet the eyes. I couldn't possibly say I have completed all my resolutions for 2012. But out of making a new year resolution for 2013, we might forget rather an important idea.

The end in mind could only be achieved when we have thought of the process.

The reason why most of us failed to accomplish our new year resolution, almost every year, is in fact, we forget to list out what we should do to achieve them. Instead of brainstorming and dig out our brain a little bit, we are too focused on the end result rather than providing an insightful idea on how to achieve them. You get my point right?

I could relate this to myself. At the end of March, usually, I will forget what my new year resolution is. Then, I will go with the flow with thought in mind, whatever will be will be. Most of us will lose the exciting feeling and the thrill of realizing our dreams. When we don't have further guidance on what to do, we lose interest so easily. No more adrenaline rush and we reach a bottom line. Meh, I'll just do whatever I used to do.

And for the sake of gaining whatever we wish at the end of year, most of our new year resolution are categorized in a long term achievement. We dove into a very false concept. New year resolution is an intermediate term goals. What you want to gain in a year time ?

When people seek a different kind of goal for a different kind of time concept, no wonder we're just sitting around for the rest of the year. Because long term goals are meant to be achieved in years of time, not in 12 months. Thus, you keep postponing on what you want to do, procrastinate and you've sown nothing in the very beginning.

Getting married? Long term (well for me right now). Getting a job with more than RM 3000 salary? Long term ( I've two more years till I graduate). Stepping out of our comfort zone is the first thing to do, try to observe objectively on our new year resolution. Be real, be specific and of course achievable within our capabilities and that time frame. For example, I want to save RM1000 in my bank account by the end of the year.

Once you have sorted this out, things are much easier to understand. Confusion and lack of enthusiasm can be avoided. Hence, at the end of the year you're satisfied with what you have and with all those little efforts everyday, you appreciate yourself more than the previous year where you might have achieved nothing. Change also can be seen. In action, and in your determination.

Things I want to do this year:

  • Read more books. Should be at least more that what I've read in 2012. Magazines don't count.
  • Travel to places I've never been to. At least, one place. With less holidays we get, I think I could afford to go to one place.
  • Save RM 2000 by the end of the year ( RM 1000 more )
  • Keep my CGPA at 3.50 and above. I think I need to put more effort in studying. (Susah jugak nak maintain 3.50 ni)
  • Pray on time. I've manage to do so as of now. Be istiqomah !

Well, the list might go on and on. Methodology on this, is to check from time to time where you stand vis-a-vis prior to your goals. In my humble opinion, renewing and improving yourself to be a better person should not be included in your new year resolution because that's supposed to be your objective everyday. As a muslim and a human being who desire goodness, that should be a priority. Hence, it doesn't really count.

Back to reality, I'll have my first paper in two days. So, this is good bye !

p/s : Though it's already more than a week after the first day of the year, still I think this topic is relevant enough to point it out. All the best to everyone and may 2013 offers you a lot more meaningful moments than the previous years.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Much like 2011, there were many things which involved feelings and affections happened in 2012. But 2012 definitely was better. I found solace in 2012, yet I do learnt a lot. So much that my whole life experiences has made me thought a lot of things that were important to me.

I sold myself to the beauty of nature, I found love, and I realized I have so many sanctuaries, keeping my mind at peace, both in places and people. I was thinking of poetry to express my journey in 2012, but songs are much easier to find. The melody itself displays passion, and with just melody and the sound of instrument alone, hearts bonded together. Thus, to summarize and round up my 2012. enjoy the songs. Oh, I forgot to mention, I like retro.

Remember each day of your lives? We may have bad moments throughout the year, but everyday for me is beautiful and rather soothing. The feeling when you woke up, and the sun shined dazzling your eyes is a blessing from God. No matter what, each day has a good thing about it.

No one can lives alone. That's what emotions are created for. To feel the warmth of others. This song is dedicated to all friends of mine for being there, keeping a smile on my face whenever I feel like frowning over something. It also made me realized to be a good friend to others. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

One of the most important lesson I learnt in 2012 is the spirit of engaging with the less fortunate. The world is at brink of losing and devaluing the meaning of humanity. While God has entrusted us to spread food and peace throughout the world, but the condition we live in doesn't display fruits of responsibilities that we should have sown not long ago. Doing volunteer work definitely taught me, in each people, we bear the power to change something to make the world a better place. Don't you like if everywhere you go, you see people smiling to the ears?

I know I have been a helpless hopeless romantic. I do feel, like any other people, wanting to love and to be loved. And after a while, thinking this through, I told myself love will eventually show itself when you have come to a realization that love of God comes first. But to be honest, 2012 was the year I started to fall in love again. With the same person. Cliche? Maybe :)

Remind you of Lion King perhaps? We are all part of the circle of life. Everyone will go through the same phase - birth, life and death. But the end of something doesn't mean the end of every other thing. It opens the door to another world, and lesson learnt - love, faith, despair - for the sake of finding a one true place, a place called home. Harmonic, delicate, and meaningful that taught us, life is possible.

I need someone to always hold my hands and the first thing that comes to mind is my family. My parent gave birth to me which made me possible to discover the world and they have always been there for me, in time of happy and sad. Without them, I can't say I will be here today, and they have shaped me into the person I am today. I owe them too much that it may takes forever to repay their kindness, and they're the music of my heart.

Dear sister, I miss the opportunity to say thank you, sorry and I love you. But death is certainly a reminder for us who are still alive. And life goes on. Though many people were sad, death is unavoidable and it is a great blessing for those who are ready. And that night, I won't forget. Where I have seen something beautiful though people are supposed to be mourning. There is a lesson in everything. May your soul rest among the believers, Al-Fatihah.

Things hit hard on you. But muster up the courage to expand and outlive your passion. Don't cry because it ends, but smile because it happens. So long 2012. For those who were born on 1991, this year calendar 2013 is exactly like in year 1991. A fun fact to end this post.

Good day everyone !

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