Saturday, February 28, 2015

A freeman, but not

I suffered from several back pains, stiff shoulder, headaches and moments of desperation during the past five days.

Thesis submission is due on Monday.

As a part of fulfilment of my degree, thesis is a must. It's a big thing, it is bigger than my love of coffee. All of the sudden, thesis become so important after I finished my last paper for final exam as it determines whether I can graduate or not this semester. I've been in the education system for too long, a total of 16 years as of now and the desire to break free from the entanglement of pain and suffering of formal education has been built for so many years and today it erupts like a blazing volcano.

I've completed almost all of it, I just need to format it according to the specification of my university and to check for any plagiarism and finally, printing three copies of it. I've got to apologize for not keeping this blog updated in a frequent manner and the last time I wrote was in early January.

I haven't had enough sleep for five days, and I think if this is going to continue for another two days, I might pass out sooner or later. But Alhamdullillah, praise to the Almighty Lord, I was able to finish my thesis; at least for the main content. But it was such a relief; I sighed long enough but deeply inside, I feel contented.

Sweats and efforts for the past 6 months finally come to an end. I will become a freeman, but not.

Living is not that easy. I haven't think about it yet, what I want to do after this. I am someone who most of the time just going with flow. I actually lack motivation, and I don't really have any particular interest. Either I choose to continue doing Master, or simply find a full time job, or perhaps becoming a teacher, there is going to be lots of things waiting for me down the road.

In this world, there is no a freeman. There are slaves, who are given the opportunity to make choices.

We might think we are free; not bound to any obligation and responsibility; we are wrong.

I wish to write more, but I really need to get some sleep. Do pray for me :)

See you !

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