Sunday, December 29, 2013

Song: Let It Go

I spent most of my childhood with Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. So everytime a disney movie comes out, there is nothing else to do but to watch. I watched Frozen two times already. Old habit dies hard ea?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Song: Wanita Warisan Terakhir

Sorry, but I like oldies.

Update: Currently applied for another internship experience with few construction companies. Days are getting busier with course projects starting next week, I guess. I cut my hair, yay ! ( ni pun nak bagitahu ke? ).

Big Bad Wolf is here again, during this time of the year. Don't have a book I want to buy, planning to go there maybe today ( kena pergi pagi buta, kalau tak ramai orang ) or tomorrow. Buku tahun lepas beli pun tak habis baca lagi. Till then, nothing much. Feel like writing something actually but all these gloomy rainy days have taken a toll on me. Malas gila.

And I thought the flood in Kuantan ( I have a house there, tapi kosong, takde orang duduk, tapi tempat tu tak banjir ) couldn't be much worser. Air tinggi 2 meter, and I see footages and pics from facebook, dari pandangan atas nampak bumbung rumah warna merah jer, lain semua air warna kuning. Pray for them.

And what the heck, seriously, makin menyampah gila dengan scene politik Malaysia. I have to say, those ministers and members of parliament act like a child, selfishly and main sedap rasa je nak komen tanpa fikir macam mana perasan rakyat. They're like thugs in white collar. Watcha !

Okay, Bye. (Have been emotionally lately due to unknown reasons, PMS kot, haha, but I managed to calm down a bit ). Feeling normal.

Apa kejadah tulis campur-campur ni? (O..O)

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