Monday, October 28, 2013

Becoming a scriptwriter

"Class, for one of your projects, you need to do a short video or an advertisement for a product."

"What?" is what I had in mind.

I've never done any of these, nor I've had any interest in doing a video, for fun or for a class assignment. I used to participate in school theatre and drama during highschool, but making a video is a totally different thing. When drama has a quite flexibility in storyline, and sometimes spontaneous act can be so admirable, a storyboard for a short story or video entitles a different criteria to make it interesting. And plus, you need skills in video editing and cinematography.

We chose to make an ad for "Awal Muharram / Maal Hijrah" celebration since an ad for a product is quite hard, and for other festivals, I think they are too mainstream/cliché.

I was in charge to write the storyboard and the script. I have a few ideas while I was browsing the youtube searching for meaningful ad/video for hari raya/chinese new year/deepavali celebration as well as watching videos made by famous vloggers, trying to search for an inspiration.

A 3 minutes video. Trying to connect a plot with something not to cliché, interesting enough to deliver the message of "Hijrah", not too many dialogues, short plot (due to time constrain) and well, I prefer something that is more abstract (not too straightforward) and also something that we have in our daily lives (a problem, a culture, something like that, involving society).

We barely have a month to do things from scratch, from making a storyboard to filming to finalizing the video but I'm already stuck at the first phase, the storyboard. It's a huge responsibility, and I don't know why I accepted it. If you fail to produce a good plot, you'll be filming crap.


Yeah, sigh, but I have a thing in mind. Hope so.

p/s: writing a story for a book is much more easier than to produce something that needs filming. Aigoo~

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello, Again

I had a random chat with my senior from Canada.

And to point it out, she said she used to read my blog. Quite a surprise.

And then, I don't know, I just had this feeling to read back all my posts since the day that I started out this blog. A sunken feeling that I want to say "Hello" again to myself, to know what kind of a person I used to be back then. What kind of things that I wrote about, what do I feel during that time.

I found myself again.

It's not like I'm surrounded by walls or barbed-wire fences. I lead a good life, I might have to say. Not nearly as good but good enough. And to look through those emotional, pathetic, somewhat good (eh, puji diri sendiri), and mediocre posts again, I realize my own weaknesses.

Melancholy, I yearn for love. Of past, I dwell in them. Of future, I'm afraid. Of present, I struggle. Sometimes, I rise like the morning sun. Other times, I fall like autumn leaves. But that doesn't make me feel small, as I gallantly walk through those days.

I did a little time travel.

On this worldly line, I used to have passion. Greet by warring winds, I do carry prayers and ambitions. And I am the witness of myself.

I listen to myself again.

He talks to me about beauty.

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