Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #8

All I hear is raindrops, falling from the rooftop...

Poetry: A Pretty A Day

By E.E. Cummings

A pretty a day
(and every fades)
is here and away
(but born are maids
to flower an hour
in all, all)

o yes to flower
until so blithe
a doer a wooer
some limber and lithe
some very fine mower
a tall; tall

some jerry so very
(and nellie and fan)
some handsomest harry
(and sally and nan
they tremble and cower
so pale, pale)

for betty was born
to never say nay
but lucy could learn
and lily could pray
and fewer were shyer
than doll, doll

Poetry is always the best thing. If a couple years ago, I despised it, now, I like it more than I could ever imagine. But what makes poetry dear to me the most, reminding me of English 3U and 4U classes with Mr. Saxe and Mr Wise. 

Mr Saxe's class, he eats students for breakfast !! Just kidding. Well, I miss playing and sleeping in his class and then got scolded. Mr Wise, just like his last name, wise. A scary looking old hag, but witty and sincere. And thanks to him, I've got 92 marks for final exam. I was surprised myself. 

o yes to flower :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Life: Geotechnic

Other name for it is Engineering Geology.

It's actually one of my favourite subjects in civil engineering. You'll learn about rocks, minerals, soil, weather, and things that satisfy your understanding of the word 'geology'. The first and second modules were a kill. I bet no one got more than 50% for our midterm, and if someone does, he/she is insane and a 'geo freak'. Learning about those stuffs is fun, yet challenging.

Fact, there are more than 3000 rocks and minerals on earth's surface. You'll see about 200 of them in class. Each one of them you'll have to know about 7 properties. Additionally, you have another 7 things to memorize about their traits. 50 of them are included in midterm. Yet, you don't know which 50 will be in the test. There you go, blank paper.

The 'easiest' paper where I have more than 3 sheets stuffed with nothing, my mind stopped functioning in a 3 hours exam, and the look of my classmates don't give a damn when I'm trying to cheat.

Nasib baik, module 1 and 2 tak payah belajar dah. Tunggu final jela nak jumpa balik benda-benda tu.

Folding bed

Next module is Geological and Geotechnical Mapping.

Like any other subject, you'll have the theory and practical parts. Theory is easy, well not that easy but at least you can read those things in notes, books, wikipedia and other sources you can have access to.

But practical, put swear words here.

The first thing we have to do is to change a map into a graph. In class, you'll be given a map, and you have 6 types of them. From the map, you have to draw 3 graphs, in order respectively. 12 steps for each graph, a total of 36 steps you have to keep in mind. And what is frustrating, it'll be one of your final questions.

In the middle of completing an assignment, 3 maps in total, and I've yet completed one.

Ah, aku nak tidur !!!

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #7

It is ironic to put a picture with words though the post title emphasizes on the word 'wordless'? And at the end of post you still write something...

sudutkiri: 5 lab reports, 3 geotechnical mapping graphs, 1 whole chapter of calculus, and many more has yet to come. 

Told you November is a busy month. And one more thing, I posted this on Thursday instead of Wednesday. I totally forgot the day and the date since I've totally lots of things in hands.

I wish I can duplicate myself like Naruto did. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu !!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random And Radical Boredom #4

Congrate Malaysia !! Malaysia dapat emas untuk bola sepak Sukan Sea. Menang penalti 4-3 setelah seri 1-1 dalam perlawanan yang beraksi selama 2 jam 15 minit.

It was a good game. Just good. And penalti last oleh kapten Malaysia, Baddrol Bakhtiar memang dramatik. Dah la kapten, last shoot penalty, bola terkena penjaga gol Indonesia, and tergolek masuk gol. Memang bersorak habis lah.

But it saddens me to read people's statuses on facebook. Indeed, some of the Indonesians did a really bad and unmoral things. Pee on Malaysian flag, ganyang Malaysia sana sini, and tak hormat our national anthem. But swearing on facebook and downgrade them with the term 'orang gaji' make us no less ignorant than them.

Kutuk kritik perlu ada had. Kalau boleh, biar lah membina. Walaupun ada sesetengah perangai macam hantu, but at least their football players still have pride. Player import atau tak itu dorang punya hal, janji kita still ada jati diri rakyat Malaysia.

So, please, stop being stupidly idiotic ignorant. Yes, we won. Just celebrate the fact, but don't look down upon others. Till then sekali lagi

Malaysia Menang !! Tahniah Harimau Malaya !!

Berdiri tegak, tangan kanan ke dada ( Negaraku dinyanyikan )

Monday, November 21, 2011

Song: For The First Time

The Script

Oh these times are hard, yeah they're making us crazy, but don't give up on me baby

TTL #1

I did some weird things lately. I brushed my teeth in my balcony. But I'm all good :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Info: 604Republic

Hai hai...

So lagi satu segmen baru untuk blog ni, segmen info. InsyaAllah, info-info best aku akan perkenalkan dekat blog ni. Info-info maybe tentang fashion, tips memasak, web-web senggama minda dan juga apa-apa jua kandungan yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai info.

So, readers sekalian, first post info adalah tentang satu website cool bean. Sebuah website online yang menjual t-shirt and hoodie. Serius, design t-shirt and hoodie dorang semua macam best and cool-cool belaka. Quality and size juga senang didapati.

And yang paling best, korang boleh dapat t-shirt yang cool ni dalam price range 5 - 20 $ ( RM 15 - RM 60 ) sahaja. Quality check terbaik sebab aku juga pernah sebat satu t-shirt dari 604Republic. And yang paling terbaru, dorang tengah adakan poll untuk korang vote mana-mana design t-shirt yang macam best untuk dorang jual and korang sendiri boleh submit design sendiri kalau korang tak berkenan or ada design yang gempak.

Pembayaran online using credit card or paypal. Cuma yang tak best tentang 604Republic ni ialah shipping cost. Shipping cost dorang terlalu mahal. Korang at least kena tambah 15 $ ( RM 45 ) untuk shipping. Jadi kepada yang berduit lebih boleh lah angkut pukal t-shirt dari 604Republic. Angkut pukal lagi jimat sebab shipping cost yang cekik darah. Jangan risau sebab Malaysia tak lah ceruk sangat, so Malaysia termasuk dalam list perkhidmatan shipping dorang.

For more info, check out their website and also check out some of their cool bean designs



Epic Duel

Blue Horde

Oh lupa, aku rasa mostly design sesuai untuk lelaki walaupun ada dorang menawarkan women size t-shirt and hoodie...

Ah, wochenende :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Vid: Rokok Dan Kopiah

This is a must watch, for those who haven't seen this, you should.

This is a great masterpiece produced by Matluthfi. An honest and sincere vid.

It has a deeper meaning, knotted through every word, every scene and every action in the video. Some of them reflect on the current situation we're facing, some of them are rhetorical, some of them mirror the deeds of our daily lives.

It consists of whom we rely on through thick and thin, challenge belief and our understanding of the Divine, the culture of society we're living in, to summarize it's a quality video that touchs every aspect of lives.

The bonds between family, friends and God.

Honestly, I can cry if I watch it again. And the scenery, classic.

Kepercayaan tanpa rasional - buta
Rasional tanpa kepercayaan - kontang

And He found you lost and guided you
[Ad-Dhuhaa, 93: 7]

Perfect friday. And tired.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Life: Childhood Memories

"I am Officer James Murphy"

Siaran tv terpasang movie Robocop dari tahun 1987. It was Friday night, and we thought of having a drink at a nearby cafe. Just to chill and relax, after having a hectic week of exams and works. Sedang asyik semua mata terpana ke arah tv, sambil sekali sekala mulut menghirup kopi panas, tiba-tiba kami dikejutkan oleh komen spontan Sulaimi.

"Macam mana lah anak kita nanti? Kecik-kecik ada ke tidak main kejar-kejar lagi?"

Komen yang mungkin dilontarkan tatkala movie Robocop yang menjadi kegilaan budak lelaki sezaman dengan kami yang lahir pada awal 90-an sedang ditayangkan. Reminiscing the memories bak kata orang putih. Semua kaku, seolah-olah membayangkan apa yang bakal jadi 10 tahun akan datang. Mungkin tidak membayangi masa depan sendiri, kerja apa nanti tapi lebih kepada persoalan tadi. What will our children be?

Mata memandang tv, tangan masih lagi memegang cawan kopi, tapi fikiran sudah ke lain. It was some other day, I went for a dinner at a restaurant with some friends. There was a family of three sitting in front of us and they were about to leave. The father was holding his daughter, she's probably around the age of 4 or 5. His daughter was crying and shouting,

"Nak handphone, nak handphone !!"

Kami semua geleng kepala.

Tapi kalau ikutkan betul jugak apa yang Sulaimi kata. Budak zaman sekarang tak macam kita-kita dulu. Dulu form 3 or form 4 baru dapat guna handphone. Itu pun handphone Nokia baling anjing, anjing pun berteriak lari. Sekarang budak sekolah rendah pun ada yang pakai iphone, ada laptop sendiri, advanced mengalahkan orang bekerja.

Ada ke lagi budak-budak nak main kejar-kejar (tag), polis sentri (police and thief), ten-ten, galah panjang, semua tu? Aku rasa cerita Badang pun semua orang dah lupa. Cerita-cerita dongeng melayu yang aku selalu baca dekat library sekolah waktu rehat memang dah lupus dah kot. Lupus dek zaman.

Tapi serius, kalau aku ada anak nanti, memang tiap-tiap minggu aku ajak dia tengok cerita P.Ramlee. Kasi kenal sikit orang hidup zaman dulu macam mana. Ketawa berdekah-dekah betapa best nya cerita P.Ramlee yang tengok banyak kali pun tak bosan. Siap boleh hafal lagi skrip.

Cerita-cerita kartun yang korang suka zaman kecil-kecil dulu. Benda-benda yang korang nak tapi tak pernah-pernah dapat macam kaset and walkman. Poster artis bawah alas meja zaman sekolah. Sekarang mana ada lagi kot. PS1, game tape, game boy lama main Super Mario and Pokemon, rasa nya memang dah tak jumpa dah sekarang.

Lagu-lagu lama yang korang puas cari lirik hafal and layan ramai-ramai. Sekarang semua layan lagu Bruno Mars je, pasang lagu lama, ada yang langsung tak pernah dengar. Padahal, lagu lama tu lagi banyak makna and nasihat. Okay, tak semua lah but mostly.Tatkala dulu, semua tergila-gilakan KRU, kini semua tergila-gilakan Justin Bieber. Tapi perempuan dulu tak boleh challenge perempuan Korea sekarang lah. Haha.

Honestly, I miss my childhood. Petang-petang keluar rumah balik waktu maghrib. Technology ruins most of them, but we can't blame modernization either. I just hope the good things never have to fade away. I want my kids to enjoy their childhood, not stuck in front of tv and laptop like I do at the moment of time and place.

Ah, nostalgia.

Jikalau memori kita disimpan di dalam cakera, kan ku mainkan sampai bila-bila - Faris Aiman

sudutkiri: Geology lab test and calculus quiz, sigh, I did bad, though everyone was also in the same boat. Mada mada dane ( still not good enough ) !!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random and Radical Boredom #3

Couldn't agree more

I still have a test and a quiz on monday, so I'll not be able to update anything except for a simple post like this. "Life" post is in the making because I just got an idea from last night talk with a few friends.

One more thing, internet problem. Lately, I think it was yesterday, the internet happened to be so slow, it couldn't even load facebook properly. Memang stress bila internet lembab semacam.

So, maybe tomorrow or monday night. Have a great weekend !!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random and Radical Boredom #2

I posted 'sugar' as my facebook status. Sugar as a metaphor for something sweet but we ended up listing the ingredients for cooking.

But it's kinda fun

Serius takde kerja

Materials test in 3 hours. And my stomach is singing for food...

Random and Radical Boredom #1

Segment baru. Saje je buat untuk post something yang betul-betul random dan juga dikala keboringan...

I need one :)

Esok lepas habis test material kena cari bekas kosong satu ni. Pasang cita-cita, dan 'pasang duit' awal-awal.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vid: Deadlines

You have to admit it, kids are the most creative people in the world

Creativity is not inspired by the pressure of time, but by the freedom, the playfulness and the fun

Turn Back The Pendulum 4

2011 - Currently 19 years old

Current place : Sandford Fleming (SF) Building, University of Toronto

It was Saturday. Midst of March. Sean, Yuhin, Michael and Ikki were my teammates for APS 112 ( Engineering Strategies and Practices ). And we chose that particular day and place for our meeting since we have to submit our final report, FDS ( Final Design Specification ) on Wednesday, the next week.

It was a day long meeting. We started at 9 and finished at 6. And an interesting topic of conversation popped up, I would say it was a test of faith. A test of courage and confidence at one time.

After a long period of typing, brainstorming, discussing and finalizing our report, our stomachs growled like thunder striking through the clouds. Sean, the team leader suggested we had subway for lunch. Subway as in the food, not the transport. We walked down the college st. and rain started to pour.

Ran down to the Subway restaurant beside an Irish pub, and luckily they had an offer on that day. Free bacon, chicken or beef. And none of those are legal for me and Ikki to eat as muslim can't eat anything from pig-based product and meat from animal that has not been slaughtered.

We just had the usual, tuna.

Me: Foot long tuna.

Cashier: We have free meat today. Do you want some chicken, beef or bacon?

Me: No thanks ( with a smile )

Cashier: Why not? It's free. Plus it's bacon.

Me: Laugh. It's okay, I don't really like bacon ( As if I've ever taste it before, sometimes you just have to lie to avoid long and awkward conversation and I thought that would be the best answer. Silly me )

Cashier : Are you sure? It's bacon day today.

Me: Yeah, sure. Thanks for the offer.

We walked back to SF building and had our lunch there. And there it all happened

Yuhin: Do you believe in God? Because I don't.

The rest: .........

Sean: Come to think of it, you guys are muslim aren't you? That's why you didn't take the bacon at the subway right?

Me and Ikki: Yup.

Yuhin: Why don't you guys eat bacon? Bacon is like, the tastiest meat in the world ( I remember how he really emphasized on this that day ). Is it some kind of sacred animal like how the Indians can't eat cow's meat?  Meats are good too. Poor Indians.

Me and Ikki: .............. ( I was nervous and bewildered, and am thinking of an answer that people             like him can understand. Yuhin is an atheist )

Ikki: Well there are reasons for that, but it's kinda complicated. It's religious matter.


The conversation didn't stop there. Sean is christian and Michael is a follower of buddhism. We had a really long talk about religion. But just enough to make it clear on how I couldn't answer that simple question. It was a really simple test, and I was like speechless, strucked by lightning that I couldn't even think straight and move my lips.

And it was one of the best experience I've ever had. A test of faith can be so simple, can happen at times you couldn't imagine, caught you off guard, and what I am shame about, it is about my religion, my belief.

It came to my mind, the reason for people of the west to look down upon Islam is because of the worshiper themselves. If the believers didn't have the full knowledge of their religion, how could they convey the word of Allah, the message from Prophet Muhammad to other people? How can they convince them that Islam is not a religion of hatred and violence? And how can they approach Islam like this?

It was a meaningful lesson. And I thought that day, I can do better. No, I must do better because it's my religion. It's okay to take it slow, learn bit by bit. InsyaAllah, we can become a better muslim and muslimah. For the sake of Allah, and towards the akhirah.

O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet

[Muhammad, 47: 7]

I want to be a better man....

Wordless Wednesday #5

Diligent requires considerate amount of effort and strength. Sometimes, you just can't tolerate anymore

I did that. A lot. Ayat nak gempak je, mengaku jela malas. Hehe.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Song: Hello Cold World

Happy Eid Adha Everyone !!

Macam tak kena je wish raya dekat post ni.

New song by Paramore...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Song: The Bakery

A remedy by Artic Monkeys...

Life: Welcoming November

Salam and peace be upon you

Like most people, november is a very crucial month. It's one of the busiest months you can have while you're still studying. Schools, colleges, universities, they're all the same.

The month where you don't have enough hands and time to complete all the works thrown at you by your teachers or lecturers with a grinning smile on their faces.

The month where you consume two cans of energy drinks or coffee at all time of the day, just to get enough caffeine so you can stay awake.

The month where most people update their facebook statuses with words of negativity.

The time of the year in which you have to cut your sleeping time to point zero and pull out an all nighter - no sleep at all. Sometimes.

The month where you have the highest level of determination to fight your biggest enemies, laziness and procrastination.

The month where you freak out because december is just around the corner. december = exams

And what you need the most is patience.

Except for those who have believed and done righteous and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience
[Al-Asr, 103: 3]

Oh November, please be nice...

sudutkiri: For the past four days, I've been sleeping at 4 in the morning and woke up with swollen face and two large eye bags. I've got sleep deprived. Luckily, tomorrow is my last test (calculus) for this week before I can proceed enjoying my eid adha holiday. So, gambatte na !!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #4

This is so true. Been there, and I swear it wasn't great at all.

sudutkiri: On a break while completing two reports that need to be submitted tomorrow, I feel the urge to post something on this blog. A stress reliever and something to kill my break time. Though it's still tuesday. Alhamdulillah, everything I read last night came out in the geology test this morning.

Life: A Kindergartner's Dream

1998 - Red Ranger
2000 - Paleontologist
2002 - Scientist 
2004 - Astronaut
2007 - Food Technologist 
2009 - Mechanical Engineer
2011 - Civil Engineer
2017 - Dad

Hopefully, I don't have to change my dream again. On the bright side, all of them are related to science and technology. Except the last one. 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them - Walt Disney

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