Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I'm on holidays. One thing to be happy about. But then again, the stillness of this night, with comforting wind and a little less starry sky than when I was in my other home, as I see my cat lying down beside me, purring, perhaps enjoying his sleep, I couldn't find an answer to this one simple question.

How to measure attitude? Both quantitatively and qualitatively.

I have planned out what I'm going to do for the next 4 years. I nearly couldn't believe it myself, but I have written all those plans in my notebook.  As I gently turn to every page, what matter most then is not whether all this plans will come true or not as there is a possibility that I could only achieve half of them. Maybe more and maybe less. Concern has become whether or not I have the right attitude in pursuing them.

When you're chasing something, or perhaps desire change, the ongoing step is always to measure and compare. Statistically or with numbers. There is a way to measure how much you've achieved. Attitude on the other hand is subjective. To capture subjectivity you have at hand, definitely you need some kind of ways or an idea on how actually you can ascertain the 'size' of your behaviour towards this goal of yours.

This is what has been bothering me lately.

Saying 'be positive' may not be the right way all the time. If only you can convert how much efforts you have put in into numbers, things might have been easier.

As the old saying says, life is about the journey, not the destination. Perhaps, answer will reveal itself when you've set your foot on that journey. Similarly, when you want to find your purpose and virtue.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Said Dory.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life as an Intern

I started my internship with Brunsfield 3 weeks ago. Gosh, how fast time flies. And as of now, what I think of this experience, okay-lah. Not too bad.

My project site is in Kenny Hills Residence, encompasses of 63 units luxury condo villas. The unit's price starts at 4 million ringgit. Too expensive for most of us, to buy just one unit, we'll be in debt till the end of our life.

Okay, back to main point. During my first day, there is nothing much to do. I attended the induction where they did all the introduction about Kenny and also safety and health regulation. Then for the next two days, since I wasn't assigned to any supervisor yet, I was told to study the drawing of the project. For any construction project, it is important for you to be able to read a drawing. In Kenny, we have four types of drawing, structural, architectural, landscape and mechanical and electrical drawing.

Then, finally I was assigned to help the assistant project engineer and was given a responsibility to be in charge of block B. There are 4 blocks unit in Kenny, A to D. So, I'm taking care of block B, while the other three are given to UK interns. Yes, UK, United Kingdom. They are my team for this project, Mitchel, Parkin and James. Previously when I arrived in Kenny, block B was under the care of two UK interns, Aaron and George. Then Aaron transferred to the HQ and George was sent to another site, OCP (Oasis Corporate Park).

They are nice people. And George is too polite. Well, since they have the british accent (Parkin has a weird one, but George's is definitely weirder) so it's kinda hard to understand them at first. Plus, it's been a while since the last time I converse in English. But after talking to them for a quite some time, we even go to lunch together everyday, so I'm getting used to it.

My position in Kenny is just an intern, that's mean my job is just to learn anything related to my course and to assist people there. But we're kind of short of staffs a bit, so each of us is given a position of a site supervisor. There are 6 interns in Kenny, 4 (me and the UK interns) are in the civil engineering (structural & architectural works) department and two others (Yong and Waqar) are in the M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) department. So everyday, we need to cooperate with each other regarding any problem we have in each block.

Basically what we need to do is just inspection everyday. What kind of inspection and what do we need to inspect? Everything. From installation of ceiling and sanitary wares to small details like whether the door lock is working or not or if there is a crack on the wall. Well, what do you expect of a luxury condo unit? Everything needs to be perfect. Even the wall needs to be as smooth as touching a silk clothing. All the structural works were done, so things get pretty boring from day to day. There is nothing much to do except for familiarizing yourself with the workers, what they do, and a whole bunch of reports.

Every week we need to involve ourselves writing these reports, a bunch of them and it's a weekly thing. Sometimes it's good to get your hand moving, sitting in the cool office while checking your facebook when there is no one looking. But then, doing this everyday, not everyday, but 6 days a week (yes, I work for 6 days a week), you easily get tired, mentally.

I'll summarize what I do every day. Taking photos, inspecting every unit, writing reports and eating tangerines. And we also have a very flexible break time. We need to check in at 7.45 am and working hour is until 5. We'll have break at 10 - 10.30, then 12 to 1, and lastly 3 to 3.30. But no one is actually checking on you since people are going in and out of the office. So you can actually extend your break time and no one really cares. Irresponsible yes, but then after doing all the inspection, pretty much you will have nothing to do for the rest of the day. Thing that actually tires you out is because you have to go running to every unit, every room for four stacks (blocks of apartment) up and down till the 4th floor. Then going back to the office, chilling out and writing report.

But people are very nice there. The manager Mr Frederick, site administrator (Kak Pah) and other engineers as well. I also befriend the workers, needless to say, it is because I will see them everyday. So naturally you'll recognized them. I'm doing this just for fun to fill my 5 months free time and to get some pocket money. But for starter, this will be a good experience. Maybe this post is like a complain, and during these three weeks period, I didn't learn anything significant actually (related to my study). But I'll have another 4 months to go. So till then, lets hope something good will happen. Only the learning part, but what has change, a lot. I'll tell you in another post.

Got a week off. Finally some break. In a week, when you only have one day off, then you have to deal with traffic jam everyday, your brain can burst out and explode. And I don't have to think about work for a while. Currently at home sweet home, and dear bed, I miss you so much.

Happy Chinese New Year !

p/s: I'll update more on this. And happy holiday to all.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vid: Paperman

Sweet gila. First time tengok, preview before movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Lepas tu aku cari lah video ni dekat youtube but disney tak made available lagi. So tertunggu-tunggu. Then, this happened :)

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