Monday, December 31, 2012

Random And Radical Boredom #24

I have quite a lot of things in hand right now. Rasa macam dua tangan tak cukup jer. Kena tambah lagi dua.

So, I can't update anything as of now. But I'll post something sooner. Tengah serabut sikit sekarang. Dengan final project kena hantar esok, baru selesai majis tahlil, bufday ! yay ! and more.

Do keep in touch, and earlier than ever, happy new year !

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vid: The Blind Boy Who Doesn't Want To See Again

Oh, I can view the video but I can't play it in full screen. In case this also happens to you, here is a link.

Sorry for the long title. But this is a must watch video. I've seen it before and I cried my eyes out. I watched it again, and I cried again. Nevertheless, I found that I can embedded this video in my blog, so here it is.

I don't know what to say if I have ever met this boy. Admire yes, pitiful yes. But at the end of the video, a simple yet fearful question will be asked upon us during the day of judgement.

How would you ask Allah to excuse you on the doomsday?

A lot of people want to change but the excuse they give to us is always the same. I'm waiting for hidayah to come for me to change. Hidayah, nur, guidance or whatever you prefer to call them is already there, bestowed upon us since the birth of Muhammad and the relevation of the Quran. More than 1000 years ago. So what hidayah are you looking for?

Personally, I don't think we need to pray to Allah to show his guidance or the easiest word we can understand is "petunjuk" right in front of our face. We all know the fact that humans are the best creation of Allah. When we are among the best creations, there must be something in us that makes us the best creation of all. Some people say it is 'Aql' which differentiate us humankind from animals. But there must be something.

When we have a mind of our own, to my understanding shaytan also can think. But they don't live physically in our world. That makes us no different if we say that 'aql' is what makes us the best creation. Indeed, Allah has given numerous of blessing that we couldn't possibly name all of them. But between us and shaytan, maybe, we have the power of transgress. 

We are sinners. But the blessing that Allah has personally given, a great privilege, is our own potential to transgress to goodness and a fear that is bound only to Allah. Like what this kid has realised. Maybe he has seen something that we don't, we don't know for sure but if my sight were taken from me, I might give up on this life during that moment.

All in all, I really admire this kid. Not all people have the will to survive like that and still putting a smile, and he knows what fear of Allah means. 

"And it is He who produced for you hearing and vision and hearts; little you are grateful. And it is He who has multiplied you throughout the earth and to Him you will gather. And it is He who gives life and caused death, and His is the alternation of the night and the day. Then will you not reason?"

[Al-Mukminun, 78 - 80]

It's 3 a.m. I wish to write more. I'm kinda tired and I usually need to arrange my sentences before writing anything long, so I think I'll stop at this point. Anyway, watch the video.

Sedih gila siak. Sobs. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Books and More Books

I went to Big Bad Wolf again yesterday. Knowing strolling around right and left, back and forth will just tire me out, and I don't really have any more books to buy, I thought of getting a book and sit at a corner reading it while waiting for my friends to choose what books they want to buy.

The way of books perhaps, immersing yourself in just a book and try to understand what the author wants to convey as if you're there all along. Non-fiction section was where I stood last night. And I got carried away a little bit, but I think last night has quite an impact. Not to mention I laughed all by myself reading "F in Exams". Seriously, that book just hit me and I can't stop laughing. Sorry lah Eman ek. Haha.

Hence, a summary of deep thought and my wanderlust into books last night.

There, he said it - "Vision of Paradise"

Love is not only restricted to men and women. Not to mother and child. Love is there when you want a person to be happy. And a cool dad - "Love"

History fascinates me. During the World War I, the number of casualties were more than 37 millions, including the life of civilians and armies. But then, a soldier is also a creature of emotions. Peace is attained by bloodshed, but at spur of the moment, rarely still, a soldier did smile. - "World War I, Life in Trenches"

Infamous landmark in Paris during its early construction. The Eiffel Tower. Eiffel is a hundred percent made out of steel. It is about 300 m height and increase or decrease its height by roughly 7.5 cm during the summer / winter. A thing that is related to civil engineering, a course that I chose to pursue - "Work"

Religion is indeed a very powerful tool. Once you're devoted to something, nothing can shaken your faith. And one of the most devoted religious people is Buddhist monk. For people to abandon everything for their own belief is not something easy to do, hence I pay respect to them. Though we are of different religions, but the meaning of faith and devotion can be taught by example. - "Vision of Paradise"

Eqypt is one of the four earliest ancient civilizations existed in the world and after thousands of years, its traces can still be seen today. How much technology has drifted further - maybe it has surpassed what we've achieved today - no one really knows. How did they find a source to invent many things that benefit today's people is still a mystery. Did you know, our calendar was established based on old Egyptian calendar? A fun fact for you - "The Art of Pharaoh"

Picture of men unrolling rugs for prayers in Mecca. Erti hidup pada memberi, The meaning of life is in giving, quoting Saifulislam. Charity is a way to reallign ourselves. When we see suffering of people, we intended to give some of what we have. But in some circumstances, we couldn't do anything for them. But charity has many forms. Things that we didn't think of or oversee maybe can be considered as charity. Donate just a little of what we have, even just a smile - "Vision of Paradise"

Something that can make you roll on the floor, laughing hardly that you ended up embarrassing yourself and your friends. But who cares? This is good stuff.

p/s: I'm home and sick.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Vid: Beatles FTW

All you need is love. It's a disgrace to attack other people's faith like that be it any religion unless it really promotes violence. But to my understanding after reading books about comparative religion not so long ago, none of them mentions anything that can be interpreted as violence. All religions promotes peace, otherwise it won't be called a religion, neither do people will actually accept it. Even children know that much.

And for the record, listen to The Beatles.

All you need is love ! Love is all you need !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Untitled #9

Bagaimana kita boleh menyangka ukhuwah itu
Akan sentiasa segar di hati kita,
Sedangkan ukhuwah itu berpaksikan iman,
Yang fitrahnya naik dan turun?

-Abu Syahid ( Zahid )-

My two cents on this. While we're longing for human affection, I think we might forget something, that above all relationships in this world  is our connection to the Almighty. This connection is build by imaan, and to sustain that imaan, we need mujahadah and we also need istiqomah. But the most crucial thing, pointed by Zahid, is the nature of imaan itself.

Yang fitrahnya naik dan turun

Our imaan can go up and down. To ponder such a strong statement ( it's not baseless and it's actually a fact ), then what about love? I'm actually afraid to talk about love. For me, love and imaan are almost the same thing. Love has a deep meaning behind the word itself that we can never actually define the term by our linguistic ability. Love is more than a noun, love is also a verb.

When I say love is almost the same as imaan, the only word I can think of love is goodness. And this goodness is not subjective as we might think that the meaning differs for each people. Goodness here is what is implored by Allah in the Quran, and what is demonstrated by our Prophet. That is what I mean by goodness. 

Be kind to our neighbour is love. Be considerate to other people including enemy is love. Take care of our nature is love. Meeting people and leaving them is love. Even removing something that might harm people on the road (wood block, thorn etc) is love. While all the good actions are considered as parts of love, I assured you that love is maybe the highest form of faith, it is the pinnacle of imaan.

We are really familiar with Ar-Rahman (Maha Pemurah, Entirely Merciful) and Ar-Rahim (Maha Penyayang, Specially Merciful). And there is another one, Al-Wadud (Maha Pencinta, Most Loving). Allah bathes his blessing to all people in the world without exception (Ar-Rahman) and a special blessing for those who follow His guidance and avoid doing what He has prohibited (Ar-Rahim) and He also is the Most Loving One. When Allah possesses the nature of love, love then again can be defined as being merciful to all creations existed in this world, be it humans, animals or nature.

Thus, none should utter the word love so aimlessly when we don't know that love actually holds a greater part of what life is all about. The more good deeds we do, the more we have attained love. And vice versa, the more harms we do including to ourselves, our level of 'love' is decreasing. When the nature of love has change from linguistic definition of human being to what has been outlined for imaan, perhaps love is basically similar to imaan.

While in Islam we refer our form of faith as imaan, our knowledge of this dunya and our fitrah of seeking purity and Oneness may conjure a different definition that can be understood solely by our races, which is the word love. When imaan is rooted in the heart, then to speech and finally to limbs, the same condition is applied to love. Heart, word and action.

Hence, when someone mentions love, we should not only think about the human interaction that we are familiar with and longing for. Love is the greatest of all.

So, why not take the definition of love to a higher level?

p/s: I got the job offer at Brunsfield. And I'm thinking of accepting it. Maybe I'll have to suffer for about 5 months, commuting from Kajang to Damansara, but in a near future, it'll benefit me a lot. More than I'd expected. So yeah, I'll be signing the contract this Thursday. Thanks for the support and du'a. May Allah repay your kindness :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life: Books For Holiday

I know my face definitely shows how excited I am. I haven't read a book except my textbooks for the past few months nor did I have sufficient money to buy some. Thanks to Big Bad Wolf, hence the smile on that picture.

I was planning to find Haruki Murakami's book, 1Q84 but after searching the whole hall, row by row, I couldn't find any. The fiction section is filled with some kind of novels suits for women, or the title and the cover didn't catch my attention at all, so I just bought one fiction novel. I stumbled on Yann Martel's work, Beatrice and Virgil. I have read Life of Pi before, so I bought Beatrice and Virgil because I think it might be interesting.

And another one is The Sellout. It's kinda related to economy and how the Wallstreet controls the economy of the world. I just grabbed the book the moment I saw the title. No second thought. I don't have that much knowledge in economy and little did I know how the economy of this country related to flow of cash throughout the world works, so I hope this book can offer me something.

Others, a book about ancient civilization, two for leisure reading, two for self-motivation and a Jamie Oliver cook book. I hope I can finish all of them during the holiday (after final exam) before I start working this February. Money well spent perhaps.

p/s: Now I'm officially a 'megane'. Megane = glasses. Yes, I wear glasses now. Doakan saya dapat kerja !

One more thing, al-Fatihah kepada En Wan Sazali (Cikgu BM) yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah semalam. Moga dikurniakan kesudahan yang baik untuk beliau, insyaAllah.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Song: Jatuh

It's okay to be a helpless-hopeless romantic - Juana Jaafar

p/s: I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it

Sunday, December 9, 2012

TTL #18

The tears were more than the smiles. The pain was more than delight. 
But the grass is greener where you water it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life: Minggu Yang Penat Dan Kecewa

Minggu-minggu akhir November / awal December ini agak sibuk. Kerja bertimbun atas meja. Tiap kali open laptop, nampak lah sticky notes dua tiga melekat dekat wallpaper, penuh dengan to-do-list.

Setiap minggu pack dengan lab. Mujur tinggal lab Survey last minggu depan. And lab report dah siap satu per satu. Tiap-tiap malam kerja aku menaip report jer. Ada lagi 3, insyaAllah siap semua hantar bagai jumaat ni. Weekend aku join volunteer. Aku dah cakap rasanya tapi tak berkesempatan nak tulis aku buat volunteer pasal apa. Lain kali lah, tapi serius join volunteer ni best. Kenal orang, dapat benda free, jalan sana jalan sini and yang penting lah bagi aku, weekend aku penuh dengan benda berfaedah, and syariah compliant. Takde benda-benda harom syaitonirrajim. So weekend dah terisi ada benda nak buat.

Tiap-tiap minggu asyik lepak mall jer. Duit pun habis. Mata tak payah cakap lah. Kalau mata ni tak lekat dekat kepala. dah merata dia jalan sendiri. Jaga mata please. Tapi satu benda je aku kecewa. Serius kecewa. Kecewa tahap apa pun aku tak tahu lah nak cakap apa.

Disamping buat kerja, takkan lah nak mengadap Word tu je 24 jam. Mestilah ada juga melencong sikit rehatkan otak. Aku pun main lah game Pokemon. Ada game lain tapi aku takut addict terlebih sangat so aku main Pokemon. Boleh kata sehari aku main dalam sejam lah. Siap lawan lagi dengan Sulem (Sulaimi) siapa ada pokemon lagi power. Dan-dan aku nak habis main dah game ni, pokemon aku semua dah power-power, sekali waktu nak save data, aku tersepak battery adapter, lappy's gone 'poooof'.

Arghhh, menjerit aku. Penat-penat main, sekali save data corrupt. Itu tandanya suruh aku buat kerja-kerja yang tak siap sebab final exam pun dah dekat. Kecewa serius kecewa. Sebab apa kecewa. Yelah sejam yang aku habiskan hari-hari bazir macam tu jer. Boleh lah sejam tu lain kali buat solat sunat ke, baca Quran / tafsir ke. Uhuk-uhuk, tersedak teruk ni. Rugi rugi rugi, kan?

Dah, aku nak sambung buat Structural Steel Design. Subjek killer sem ni. Weee, dapat 94 untuk Survey. Ada rezeki dapat kerja GIS dekat Hamburg. Terubat hati yang kecewa. Tapi still ah kecewa lagi.

Good luck rerakan untuk final. Rerakan = rakan-rakan. Jangan tanya aku, aku rasa kalau aku amik SPM balik, BM aku sedikit fail. Bukan fail eh, sedikit je fail.

By the way, jangan main Pokemon kerana Pokemon menggalakkan anda menjadi seorang yang animal abuse. Sobs, sobs lagi.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life: Sky

Repost from old blog

The higher you jump reaching for the cloud, the bigger the impact on your body when you land on solid ground. But would you regret of getting hurt? Or feeling guilty of not trying to reach something beyond your capabilities in the first place?

Either way, in life, there is no absolute answer. All choices are correct. The only mistake we do is poor judgement. Be it spontaneous decisions or decisions you make after thinking all the consequences, you just have to go for it.

All in all, you'll find a way. You will, and surely, people will recognize the traces you leave behind. The result doesn't matter anymore.

Because you've already tried.

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