Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vid: Sila Jaga Tepi Kain Saya

Oh, today is February 29. Leap year. To those who were born on this day, must feel good to be young. Yeah, literally. Haha.

And this vlog, reminds me of the definition "baik".

Monday, February 27, 2012

TTL #11

Langit sentiasa cerah, cuma awan yang melindung

Life: Happily Ever After?

"And they live happily ever after"

The ending of any fairy tales is too cliche. When I was a kid, that was probably seemed to be the best ending. Giving you a hope to dream, or to regurgitate any positive values that were meant for children in those 'happy ending' stories. We clapped, we laughed and we jumped around when Prince Charming found the owner of the glass shoe.

But, yup, there is always a 'but'

Cinderella's life only begins after the story ends

Do you ever thought of the aftermath of the story? What will happen after you close the book? Real life doesn't work that way. Call me a sadist, a pessimist or whatever, but that's just how it really is. It doesn't work that way.

Yeah, maybe Cinderella and her Prince Charming can find their true happiness. They have kids, they sing everyday with little birdie flying around, mice dancing and singing, but do you think they can live like that forever?

The aftermath of the story is the real deal. As an analogy, from the time you were born until you graduated from high school, that's when you're in the Cinderella's story. The world revolves around you, the world is your home. You're surrounded by good people, you've almost everything you need and let just say, you keep your smile.

The aftermath is when you enter the real world. The best explanation would be, you, from time to time, forget how to smile.

It's not really a big deal. Just look at your facebook's news feeds. You can see various kinds of confessions and expression of feelings.

The way I see it, some people don't realize how cruel life can be. We're still loafing around, doing whatever we want without thinking of how others might feel, or we see a dying sight of humanity and there is no justice or equal measure prevails at all , or perhaps we're still thinking that we're in the Cinderella's story.

Being an optimist is not a crime, but people forgot how to be a realist. And when we were tortured mentally and physically, we became a pessimist. Then we questioned ourselves, what went wrong? How far can we go with all of our might and capabilities? How many tears we shed? And how many chances we miss?

We overvalue what we are not and undervalue what we actually are. After all,

Yeah, we're still in the Cinderella's story.

p/s: badum, gloomy gila post ni. Fluid Mechanics, tak boleh pening lagi ke?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Song: Blue

I raped the 'replay' button. Sometimes, it feels so right listening to a song that you don't understand a word at all. You're just fascinated by the melody solely, through and through.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Song: Europe's Skies

Nuh, I just like the sound of the violin. Boleh lah layan kot.

Random And Radical Boredom #11

I'm too lazy to jot down and drifting my thoughts on this piece of 'white screen paper'. Or maybe I'm not hesitant at all to leave this blog on a hiatus for a while. Though, I'm ashamed to say this, I updated this blog quite frequently, like every two days, because I personally like writing on a blog rather than updating my facebook statuses.

Blogging is like, you know, giving some space and freedom for you to scribble down whatever you have in mind, and there'll be no people - at least not on a personal blog - being sarcastic.

What shall I write?

Next week will be hectic. Three quizzes, two lab reports, and some assignments and homework. I've expected this, and I blame myself for not being ready. Taking 4 tough subjects in the same semester definitely a pain. Well, it intimidates me not that much, just that, being lazy is my nature. I wonder when will I change and ridiculous as it seems, I know I can't change that lazy attitude of mine.

I'm running out of points actually. Probably the title can cover up my lack of delicacy in writing you a piece of worth reading material, or at least, some fun stuffs and not some useless mumbling to fill in the empty spaces of this post.

My bad.

So, progress for this week, I started to jog. I felt that my stamina was reduced to a middle school level and I couldn't hardly breathe after running up the stairs to the third floor. And a little exercise because the way I look at it, my stomach is now collecting bunch of fats. Well, not too obvious when I'm wearing a shirt, but hey, everyone feels a complex about their body sometimes.

Like every guy wants a six pack before they're getting married, and how girls would be grateful if they can eat almost anything without gaining some weight.

Oh, one more thing. I was suffering from diarrhea and nausea this week. I didn't know what I ate, but it caused me a painful stomachache. And because of that, I skipped all Wednesday's classes, lay down like a starving man on my bed. Alhamdulillah, dah okay sikit.

So, I think this is enough for now. Actually, I wrote this to kill some time because I was waiting for a video to load, and it took ages.

Sorry lah, post macam perempuan sikit.

Btw, I spotted a Southern Cross (Buruj Pari) tonight. Tiba-tiba pulak dapat ilham nak jenguk tingkap malam ni.

p/s: doakan minggu depan. Cuak. And aku dah khatam balik novel Versus tu. Boleh lah kot study dengan aman weekend ni.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #19

Life: Missing

Tiap malam, kalau aku rasa bosan, mesti pergi jenguk ke luar tingkap. Kalau tak ke tingkap bilik, mesti ke balkoni depan dekat ruang tamu.Tempat ni macam ceruk sikit, tepi highway, keliling pun hampir hutan. So, bila pandang langit, mesti nampak bintang. Kurang 'light pollution'.

Buku-buku tersusun atas meja Emmet. Ex-roommate. Separuh novel, separuh lagi buku-buku ilmiah, motivation, humour and tokoh Islam. Buku-buku teks lecture tersusun dalam laci meja. Tak perasan banyak rupanya buku dalam bilik ni.

Butang replay lagu Europe's Skies tu dah berapa kali aku tekan. 

Teringat kejadian malam semalam. Orang kata kalau pendam perasaan tu tak baik. Bila dah luah macam-macam and berkongsi cerita ada lah rasa lega sikit. And I did what I really need to do. Reconcile. Better late than never? Never mind. I don't know what's going to happen anyway, but I really hope I don't get too emotional and start a quarrel. Again. 

Petang tadi, Paan masuk bilik. Dia usik novel Versus. Tak baca pun, just tengok-tengok. Tadi lepas study Mechanic of Material and baca nota Mechanic of Fluid, internet buat pasal. Slow mengalahkan siput. Novel Versus tu pulak dari tadi ada atas katil. Aku baring atas katil, belek satu-satu muka surat sambil peluk bantal.

And mulalah nak tacing-tacing sikit. Jiwang tu satu part. Tapi bukanlah punca tacing-tacing ni. Susah betul kalau semua novel Hlovate ni mesti masuk scene overseas. I think I'll start missing.

Not the place actually, but the people. Teringat macam-macam benda. Semalam ada borak dengan Fiq. Semua pun macam tak berubah. Boleh pulak rindu time usrah. Lagi-lagi, kes tidur lambat ni tak sembuh-sembuh. Pukul 3 baru boleh start lelap. Malam pagi-pagi buta ni, orang memang jadi sensitive sikit. Laki tak terkecuali. And bila dah baca novel, mulalah sangkut.

Smile. It's getting better around here.

Aku kena cepat habiskan balik novel ni !!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poetry: The Road Not Taken

Robert Fross (1874 - 1963). Classic

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both,
And be one traveler, long I stood,
And looked down one as far as I could,
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there,
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay, 
In leaves no step had trodden black, 
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh, 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 

I actually wonder, which part in my life can I relate to “And that has made all the difference”?

Song: Greatest Love Of All

Great people are dying. The way I see it, the new generation is kinda suck. Well, we do achieve greater things especially when it comes to modernization. But we are so downgraded if we judged it from our own behaviour, to a degree where people actually abandon morality and disregard humanity. Oh, please don't do drugs. And make du'a for our brothers and sisters in Syria. Where is the love people?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random And Radical Boredom #10

Reconcile? Maybe, maybe not. I think I've said enough goodbyes. What I really need to say is just another simple 'Hello'.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vid: Super Sprayer


Turn Back The Pendulum 7

Part 1: TBTP 6

Mustak atau nama sebenarnya Mustakim Bin Ismail ni kacak orangnya. Tapi jikalau dicompare dengan aku, tentulah aku lagi kacak. Haha. Sorry, menyimpang pulak.

Mustak ni orangnya berhati-hati. Susah nak kenakan tapi sepandai-pandai Mustak, pasti akan terkena jua. Maka mulalah semua kepala yang berada di dorm KP memerah otak untuk mengenakan Mustak.

"Conteng muka"

"Tarik katil letak tengah court"

"Bogelkan jela. Haha"

Itu diantara idea yang berjaya diperah dari otak masing-masing.

"Eh, gate DeMa bukak pukul berapa?" Jibam tiba-tiba bertanya. "Pukul 4.30" jawab Dauh spontan.

Jibam pun melontarkan idea beliau. Kitorang berkumpul di tengah dorm. Takut-takut Mustak terjaga. Menurut cerita Jibam, Mustak ni seorang yang prihatin. Setiap kali waktu sahur, dia akan mengejutkan semua ahli dorm KP untuk bersahur. Bila dah kejutkan semua orang, Mustak akan terus ke dewan makan "DeMa" seorang diri tanpa menunggu orang lain.

"Boleh pakai kot idea ni. Gate mana bukak lagi kan sekarang"

"Sape nak kejut Mustak?"

"Aku tak boleh doe, pecah perut nanti"

"Ko cadang, ko lah buat Arul"

Seperti yang aku cakap tadi, Mustak ni berhati-hati orangnya. So, demi menjayakan akitiviti ini, ceh, aktiviti lah sangat, kitorang set semua jam dalam dorm KP pada pukul 5 walhal ketika itu baru pukul 3. Arul memulakan kerjanya.

"Mustak, Mustak, dah pukul 5 dah. Jom ah gi sahur"

"Ehmmm, ehmmm, kejut lah orang lain dulu"

"Budak-budak ni tak nak gi sahur"

"Ehmmm, kejap lagi ah"

Semua orang pura-pura tidur, tahan ketawa melihat gelajat muka toya Arul.

"Pssst, Arul, Arul, Mustak tidur pakai jam doe"

"Pergh, nasib baik tak kantoi"

"Ah, sudah, cepat set jam Mustak tu"

Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa bertiup lembut. Mustak masih nyenyak dibuai mimpi.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Song: Menjadi Diriku

Tak seperti bintang di langit
Tak seperti indah pelangi
Kerna diriku bukan lah mereka
Ku apa adanya

Turn Back The Pendulum 6

"Jibam, pukul berapa dah?"

"Pukul 2 dah."

Sejak masuk tingkatan lima ni, aku boleh kata ada dua bilik. Satu dorm tercinta, dorm B102, dan yang kedua bilik ketua pelajar atau dikenali dengan nama Dorm KP, terletak di aras bawah blok B (Zuhal) di antara bilik study and bilik basuh.

"Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal"

Tagline Prof Izzi menandakan tamat sudah segmen Refleksi radio Hot FM. Suasana pada pukul 2 pagi sunyi sepi, hanya bunyi kipas dan corong radio yang memecah kebisuan malam.

Afif, Amin dan Adnan bergelimpangan di atas karpet merah, alas tidur kebanyakan pelajar yang suka melepak di dorm KP. Yang lainnya semuanya berada di atas katil. Aku pula ditemani buku fizik terbitan Sasbadi, pensel Pilot Rexgrip bermain di tangan, selesa di atas kerusi bersebelahan radio capuk itu.

Maklumlah, ketika itu bulan puasa. Tambah-tambah lagi SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) makin dekat. Nak tak nak, kitorang semua tiada masa untuk main-main. Boleh kata, SPM itu yang menentukan masa depan kitorang nanti. Naif. Tingkatan lima lah katakan.

Sejam berlalu dengan pantas. Sedikit suara-suara sumbang kedengaran menyanyi bersama lagu kegemaran dimainkan di radio dan juga suara-suara yang membincangkan jawapan matematik tambahan, kimia dan juga biologi. Subjek 'killer' untuk SPM.

"Pukul berapa dah?"

"Pukul 3 dah doe"

"Aih, bosan pulak"

"Kejut aku sahur nanti"

"Pukul 3 dah pun, baik tunggu sahur jer"

"Jom kita kenakan Mustak nak?"

Arul melontarkan idea menarik. Semua kepala toleh ke arah sesama sendiri dan terukir senyum kambing di muka masing-masing. Tanda setuju. Aura nakal bulan puasa jelas terpapar.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vid: Who's Your Favourite?

Lol. And cuteness overload.

Life: Enlightenment

Life can be explained through people and texts.

In any day of our lives, we can fall deep down into days without light, but meaning to say, darkness doesn't last. A day of enlightenment will eventually come.

To learn is easier through a text, a very ancient way to satisfy curiosity yet very effective. Written by people who have already experienced it. They spread the knowledge for their children's sake so that they don't fall from the same mistake. Wishing their offspring will find happiness as they did back then.

If only people knew the end of the world, they wouldn't suffer so much. But life works in a mysterious way, far from the reach of human's knowledge. Only God knows how it works.

If a text doesn't conjure the apprehension we seek, that is when we need to learn from people. Precisely, we need to learn from ourselves. We are split into three. The heart, the mind and the lust. For the mind, the heart and the lust must be refrained from overshadowing one another, to have a smooth sailing in life. If one becomes overwhelmed and being superior, we'll suffer from the hurt we can never explain.

The heart intrigues soul, the mind incites wisdom, and the lust enhances of the two. Many people fall into the charm of lust, losing control of their senses, walking in a road full of fatamorgana or mirage that brings them happiness. But sadly, only temporary. They're wasting the precious gift of wisdom and warmth of heart, living a life in a shadow.

But to those who appreciate and bow to wisdom and contentment of soul, they are the richest people in the world. They posses things that don't have any value in them. Priceless. The mind and heart must be one to control lust, and if they treat lust in a positive way, success lies in their hands. Waiting for a suitable time before they bloom. The secret is never told to anyone, because it no longer remains a secret. The secret is with them all along. Because they didn't open the eyes of their soul, they are blinded by the outer beauty.

Some of them drown in disappointment, but most of them found their way back. Because God is Most Merciful. In state of lost, they raised their hand and said their prayers, and they were saved by their sincere words coming from the heart.

They were finally conferred with blessing. Repairing a broken soul, lighting up the dark alley, and vanishing the refraction of their understanding.

A day of enlightenment will eventually come.

But only if they learn.

p/s: 2012 is still being nice :)

Taz: Maulidur Rasul

Indeed, Allah confers blessing upon the Prophet, and His angels [ask Him to do so]. O you who have believed, ask [Allah to confer] blessing upon Him and ask [Allah to grant him] peace. 

[Al-Ahzab, 33: 56]

Sabda Nabi s.a.w, “Dari Ibnu Mas’ud r.a. bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: Orang yang terdekat denganku pada hari kiamat ialah orang yang paling banyak berselawat kepadaku.” 

Hadis Riwayat At-Trimidzi 

Lagu favourite. Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul :)

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